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Standby UPS XST 400 VA

Xtreme Standby Tower (XST) - 400VA

Optimized Network Grade Power Protection The Xtreme Standby Tower (XST) Series Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) provides the ideal power solution for small routers, switches, desk-tops, VoIP equipment, phone systems, point-of-sale, and other equipment where time is required to save the most recent work and shutdown during a power outage. The XST Series is comprised of three models: 400VA, 600VA, and 800VA. Now there should be no reason for lost data during power outages.

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Eaton Standby UPS 3105

eaton Standby UPS - Eaton 3105
The Eaton 3105 UPS provides basic, affordable power protection. It has outlets with surge protection plus battery backup to keep essential systems up and running through power failures, surges and sags. Tucked under a desk or mounted to a wall, the 3105 is ideal for PCs, peripherals and POS and VoIP equipment in small and home offices.

Power Rating: 500-700 VA
Voltage: 120vac, 230vac
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Configuration: Desktop
Product Series: Powerware

User's Manual (PDF)
Product Brochure

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