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Everything you need when power is a problem!
Data center Power Conditioner

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

APG is leading supplier of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and critical power quality equipment.
We supply, support and service your power equipments.

Single Phase Online UPS
Single Phase Standby UPS
Single Phase Line Interactive UPS
Single Phase Ferroresonant UPS
3 Phase UPS
Modular UPS


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Energy officials scramble for backup power supply in wake of San Onofre nuclear plant shutdown

California energy officials are looking for replacement power if the San Onofre nuclear plant is still offline when summer electricity demand increases. San Onofre has been shut down since January due to faulty tubes in its steam generators.
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Uninterrupteptible power supply

IT Data Center Solutions

Uninterruptible Power Supply – UPS
- Single/Three Phase
Power Distribution Unit – PDU
- Rack PDU
Rack Mount Static Transfer Switch - STS
Computer Room AC – CRAC
- Floor mount
- Ceiling mount
Portable AC
Portable Climate Controlled Self contained Server Rack
Power Conditioners
- Voltage regulator
- Harmonics Cancellation Transformer
- Isolation Transformer
- Frequency converter
Water Detections System
Transfer Switches
Bypass Panels
Battery Cabinets

Surge Protection

Commercial and Industrial up to 600,000 Surge Amps, NEMA 4X

See our complete line of power solutions:

Battery Cabinets
CRAC - Computer Room AC
Data Center Solutions
Emergency Lighting Inverter - UL924
Frequency Converter
Power Conditioner - Voltage Regulators
Isolation Transformers
Harmonic Cancelation Filter
Power Distribution Unit - PDU
Power Inverter
Static Transfer Switch - STS
TVss - Transient Surge Suppression
VFD -Variable Frequency Drive
Maintenance Bypass Panel
Motor Starters

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